All Natural IQF Smoothie Chips, Fruit & Vegetable or Yogurt Blends

We also offer Dehydrated Chips.

Y Not Foods is a leader in the industry for IQF smoothie chips. We will develop a unique and custom flavor profile to fit your needs. We can fortify with protein, probiotics, vitamins, Greek and conventional yogurt, oats, quinoa, ancient grains, and fruit purees. We understand what is needed when developing a smoothie drink that tastes great and is good for you. We are the right choice for your smoothie chips partner!

Additionally, we can preserve your fruit or vegetable purees like kale or spinach by IQF freezing. Our chips weigh about 6 to 7 grams and measure 1” long ½” wide and 1/4” thick.

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IQF Smoothie Chips from Y Not Foods