AProviding Food Manufacturing Solutions for Natural Sauces, Cheeses, Dry and Custom Product Packaging and Food Production Applications for Three Generations

Our expertise is in ingredient development!

The success of Y Not Foods in the food processing industry is grounded in our more than 50 years of experience consistently formulating exceptional food quality, delicious all natural sauces, cheeses, meal kits and snacks.

Our expertise in ingredient development, with clean nutrition labels, production flow and short turnaround periods have made us a leader in the wholesale food , food packaging and food processing industries.

Whether you are looking for delicious flash frozen sauce pellets for copacking services, portion control containers for frozen IQF pouch and bag meals refrigerated ingredients for private labeling, shelf-stable or dry blends, we have a high quality, cost effective solution for you.

frozen cheese sauce chip on brussel-sprouts

The Expansion of IQF Technology in the Food Processing Industry Produced Widespread Advances in Food Safety and Food Quality in Nutrition Based Frozen Microwaveable Meal Applications

copacker-flavored-frozen-ice-chips-supplierY Not Foods has been a leader among food processing companies in the development and expansion of IQF technology for producing cost-effective, easy to prepare nutritious meals.

With the growing demand for all natural, preservative and additive free fresh ingredients, virtually any food can be cryogenically flash frozen, and still maintain its food quality, color, texture, taste and nutrition value.

Our culinary experts formulate innovative concepts into flavor profiles and recipes by ingredients. The freshest ingredients are then cryogenically flash frozen and packaged into portion control containers in our SQF level 2 safety certified food production facility, according to USDA standards and USDA regulations.

Our research and development team develops foods for ultra clean nutrition labelling that are:

  • All natural
  • All organic food
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose free
  • Dairy free
  • Preservative and additive free
  • Antibiotic and hormone free
Sauce Chips


Three generations of cheese expertise: sticks, custom blends, and sauces.

Sauce Chips


Our Research & Development Team provides fast product launches.

Ethnic Foods
Sauce Chips


With our flavor profiles, we create your recipe with our experience & expertise.

From flavor pellets for smoothies and 100% fruit and vegetable purees, to cheese sticks and one bowl or bag microwaveable meals, our cryogenically frozen meal components deliver the same taste as when they were fresh.

The synergy achieved by combining food manufacturing production flow expertise with history of culinary flavor profiling contributed to Y Not Foods success in the food processing industry

When you call us to assist you in the development, manufacture, packaging and distribution of your new food product concept, you benefit by the synergy created from our combined experience in the ingredient solutions and food manufacturing industries. Our extensive expertise in recipe development, portion control, and ingredient packaging industries has made us a leader in the food processing industry.

From IQF one skillet frozen meal packages to sauce pellets and smoothie ingredient components for co-packing, we will help you achieve your custom food manufacturing and packaging goals. Call us today at 608.222.2860 for more information about our dynamic ingredient solutions.