Y-Not Foods, #1 Ingredient Supplier Nationwide, Foods Delivers the Finest Taste and Nutritional Value in Frozen Foods

We are excited to announce the acquisition of YNOT Foods by Morski Brands, Inc.  Morski Brands, Inc. produces a wide variety of different quality refrigerated and frozen food products with more coming on each year. We offer our products to both retail grocers and food service distribution companies currently under the Dawn’s Foods brand. Morski Brands, Inc. offers both turnkey and tolling options for contract packaging and assembly. They provide all or partial components, or use customer supplied materials based on each customer’s needs and requirements. Dawn’s will develop, formulate, blend, and fill, at their SQF 8.1 state of the art manufacturing plant located in Portage, WI.  Please check out the link below or click on the tab on the top of the page.

Y Not Foods, your #1 Ingredient Supplier, is a versatile, high quality producer of IQF sauce chips with a SQF, and USDA certified facility located at 1530 La Dawn Dr., Portage, WI.   Y Not Foods has in depth knowledge and extensive experience with food production, product development, and food safety.

Y Not Foods has manufacturing capabilities to incorporate ingredients in food to produce custom IQF sauce chip flavors.  Our special formulated IQF sauces are customized to your specification for portioning into bowls or trays for easy handling on your production line for bag or skillet meals.

By consistently providing delicious, fresh ingredients prepared in our USDA, SQF food manufacturing facility, using our thousands of recipe profiles, we deliver the finest in IQF (individually quick frozen) food products.

We use the latest in IQF food technology, USDA certified meats and poultry, and the freshest produce ingredients, so that our delicious food products retain their exceptional taste and nutritional value, have clean label packaging, and contain no preservatives.

Please give us a call to discuss the possibilities with Y Not Foods as your quality ingredient supplier!!


IQF Sauce Chips
and Pellets

Asian and ethnic sauces

Dairy sauces

Italian sauces



Two-Week Turnaround

Great for NEW Product Launches

35 Years of Experience


IQF Smoothie
Flavor Chips

Fortified & Added protein

IQF Fruit puree chips

IQF Vegetable puree chips

One Bowl Breakfast
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